Bye Bye USA, Hello South Korea

IMG_1157It’s official, I am now a Korean resident. I arrived in SK around 4 a.m Korean time. However, Let’s fast forward a little and talk about my last day in Chicago.

I spent Friday just chilling until my flight. I rearranged luggage and still ended up leaving a few things behind. And still all the suitcases were packed to the point of bursting 😑. Oh well, it was what it was. The most important thing, besides my departure, was the last meal in the US. I decided that I wanted Puerto Rican food because I knew it was something I would not be able to find here. We went to this cute little restaurant and I had a jibarito sandwich and arroz con gandules, which was a steak sandwich that used tostones (fried green plantain) as the bread with a side of yellow rice and a type of bean.

We also had shrimp empanadas.

All of it was amazing. If you are interested in knowing the name of the restaurant, leave a comment and I will be happy to share the info.

Alas, it was time to head to the airport. Luckily it was a beautiful evening in Chicago, as you saw in the first picture. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

I flew out on Asiana air and they were amazing. They even were kind enough to check my carry on bag, which was two lbs overweight 😒, for free. The plane was PACKED! I did the math and there were 43 rows of 9 seats per row, and all were filled. That means there were 387 passengers. Sitting for 14 hours with that many people was……..not as bad as I thought it would be. It did get a little warm though, with all those bodies crammed together.

Once we arrived in SK, going through customs and picking up baggage was a breeze.  While I waited for my director to pick me up, I noticed quite a bit of people waiting in the receiving area of the airport, a few were of people waiting for their family,friends and so on to arrive, but their were a few who had cameras and were holding Spider-man posters, there was also quite a bit of security. This was my first introduction to fandom. It was pretty interesting. Unfortunately I did not get to see the Spider-man casts’ arrival. But here are a few pictures. Although I did not take a picture of them right when I left, as by that time the crowd had gottwn bigger,

The ride from the airport in Incheon to my town was about 45 minutes to an hour (I was too busy taking everything in to really notice the time). Unfortunately it was raining, as July starts the rainy season here. The humidity was BAD. I felt like I stepped off of the plain in Puerto Rico instead. Despite the rain and humidity though, it was a beautiful drive. It was misting and there was a little bit of fog. The area is mountainous and the mist was hovering around the peaks of the mountains. Again, I was reminded of El Yunque rain forest in PR. Here are a couple of pictures I took during the ride and below those are a few pictures I took in PR so that you can compare.


Beautiful right?

I arrived to my hotel tired but excited. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of my city yet, but I promise to post more this weekend once I get a chance to explore a little. My first impression of Korea is that it feels familiar, which is kind of strange. But for anyone that knows me, I have done a lot of research about SK and have logged in countless hours watching dramas, programs, and listening to Korean music. On top of that I have watched countless YouTube videos and read many blogs of others living here, I guess that would explain this feeling of familiarity. I’m sure at some point the culture shock will set in and there will times of great frustration that comes with living in a foreign country. But for now, let the honeymoon begin.

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