It is late into the night and I entertain myself by watching the passengers’ head rolling from side to side with the the gentle, and sometimes not so gentle rocking of the train. My traveling companion fell asleep about an hour before. Sleep had not overtaken me yet. In fact I feel wide awake. Every now and then I would close my eyes and try to make myself go to sleep but i could still see the bright overhead lights through my closed eyelids. Instead I glance up the aisles observing the other passengers. I can hear someone’s atrocious snoring behind me but I haven’t turned around to see who it is as I feel it would be obvious that I was hunting for the person causing my ears to bleed with their snoring.
It’s about 2 am Korean standard time. My friend Jin Hee and I decided to book a last minute trip on the train to the east coast of Korea. Initially we had planned on taking a sea train but it was sold out. We had canceled the trip initially but then she suggested our crazy 24 hour adventure that we are currently undertaking. Our goal is to check out a sleepy beach town that was featured in a famous 1994 Korean drama called Sandglass. It’s a popular summer vacation area for families and couples. I’m sure it is popular for friend trips too and they just forgot to mention it on the wiki travel page.
There is also a sandglass or hourglass museum, which is supposed to be interesting to see. Apparently they reset it once a year when the new year rolls in. However, what Jeongdujin is most famous for is its picturesque sunrise and its fresh tofu, which has a slightly savory taste because of the saltiness of the sea air and the fresh saltwater they add as an ingredient.
Our trip began this evening at 9:35 pm, which was when we caught our first train out of Dongducheon. We transferred to an another train in Cheongnyangi. This train is passenger style with plush seats and ample leg room, albeit a little old and dated. The seats move around so that groups of can face each other.
We arrive at our destination around 4:30 in the morning just in time to find breakfast and watch the sunrise. Hopefully we have a decent view as we are just finishing up the rainy season here in Korea. We will spend the day walking around and seeing what sights they have to see and then take the last train home at 11:30 Monday night.
I do not foresee much sleep for me in the next 24 hours. But I am pretty excited about this trip. This is my first big trip here in Korea and today I am thankful that I have made a great Korean friend. She planned the whole thing, and is even forgoing her beauty sleep in her own bed just to go on an adventure with this waygook (what they call foreigners here in Korea) and show me the beauty that is Korea outside the magnificent chaos of her mega city, Seoul.

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