I spent my day yesterday hanging out with my friend, Norma, at Seoul’s Namsan Tower. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul and also very popular with couples. In fact, this is a couples photo op paradise, they have set up lots of cute areas with benches that slant towards the middle so that you and your honey can slide towards each other. They have locks that you can buy with your significant other which you can be attach to the gate or a tree promising never ending love for each other. Very sweet indeed.

The best thing about Namsan however, at least in my opinion, is the view of Seoul. I went a little crazy with the pictures, but I feel like I got some really great shots. We hit Namsan late afternoon and stayed until it got dark. Here are the pics of the day. I have them separated into four categories: Day, dusk, night, and black and white. Hope you enjoy.

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Black and white

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One thought on “Seoulscapes

  1. LOL!!!Awesome city pictures. You are getting better as a photographer. Few of them, may be considered artwork(is only your mom’s opinion). Yourse selfie shows how beautiful you are and reflects you state of mind of contentment, not and peace for this season. God bless. Happy explorings!

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